Be All the Bag You Can Be

What do you expect from a bag? That’s what we asked ourselves. Then we added a few useful features while enhancing style.

A bag is just a bag, and a SKATEBAX seems to always strive for a little more. It exhibits art: The different street-art influenced styles in our collections are all exclusively designed for SKATEBAX and remain entirely label-free, which is an essential part of our mission. In addition to being a bag, every SKATEBAX is also a comfortable seat: the padded side to  keep your butt warm and dry, when unexpected delays show up. You certainly have optimal protection for your board & stuff so give the finger to any rain, hail, dust and snow that bounces off it. Straps on the inside, keep compact the inner organisation order and the inner pocket collects all the little stuff that shouldn’t float around. There is also the safety lock on the shoulder strap: That piece with its typical clic-clac-sound was originally invented for the military and yet feels like buckling on a super weapon when you toss the SKATEBAX over your shoulder. You’ll be quick and breezy – mount it, click it, done. You can even pimp your SKATEBAX with a pocket for your cell phone: which is big enough to fit for all kinds of smart phones and can be attached anywhere you like either on your chest or hip.