Extreme Craftsmanship

We’re talking about real innovation combined with highly skilled craftsmanship. For a whole year we worked our a**** off to ensure the highest quality standards allowing to SKATEBAX withstand everything and anything, while not needing much care or cleaning.

There will be no compromises on quality production. Every SKATEBAX consists of 80 parts carefully assembled entirely by hand. Needless to say that all those seams have to fit perfectly and are reinforced at some parts to ensure best quality. Professionally trained tailors are the ones at work behind our sewing machines. To add even more improvements we put SKATEBAX to a rigotous test with professional skaters for a whole year. And now it’s a fact: those parts are extremely durable! Another contributory factor is the faux leather which was especially developed for our needs. It feels like genuine leather but is much easier to maintain: simply wash away any kind of dirt. The material is 100 %water-proof, unbelievably tear-resistant, while aslo super elastic. ’Cause it needs to protect your board and whatever you will put in there. The art pieces by our maestros are practically tattooed into the material! That too is globally unique: a leather printing process, which we invented ourselves to ensure both resilient and brilliant SKATEBAX masterpieces in high-resolution and pin¬sharp clarity and thanks to the embossment almost with a 3D-look! You will call high quality made in Germany your own.