SKATEBAX: your individual style

We didn’t just fiddle together some random bag design and called it a SKATEBAX. The design materials have endured all kinds of daily abuse stress-tests and each and everyone is still entirely manufactured by our German colleagues. These one-of-a-kind collector pieces provide optimal protection for all your stuff, while exhibiting exclusive artwork on your back. They are keeping street art alive, riding through the streets as an expression of your style and attitude towards life without any boundaries. Your SKATEBAX might not outlive eternity, but it will continue to look fresh for years withstanding all the crazy shit you happen to get involved with. It can accompany you everywhere, remain resilient in any weather condition, and won’t hold it against you if you decide to jam it full sweaty socks sneaking over to your Mom’s for laundry night. Just watch out nobody else gets their hands on your SKATEBAX! Comprende?