Stick it to capitalism!

We are proud of our products and will continue to produce them locally and sell them globaly. We don’t give a sh** about the f****** industry. Cause some day some big multinational corporations will start to copy our SKATEBAX because they simply rock. But they just wanna make big revenue, so they’ll mass produce it for cheap and put their overrated label on it to rip you off with they moon-rocking prices.
But they won’t be real. They’re not gonna know, what it means to live the streets. They won’t fly down some staircases with their pirate copy bag strapped to their designer suits to figure out that the bag can’t take more than their whole freakin’ forearm. Their won’t wheel miles and miles in difficult terrain to check the vibration resistance of all the seams. They won’t even be capable to do a simple ollie on the side walk rim.
We however like it real and honest. We like the same awesome sh** and that’s why we rather take care of business ourselves. Real handicraft by people we actually know. That’s how we can honestly ensure that what you get is good. And we know exactly what it is good for. And besides all that we even have a mission!